Fritz Storm:

– We’re used to drinking high quality coffee in cafés and coffee bars but the same quality of coffee isn’t exactly readily available when we go to work.

Coffee by Storm offers total coffee solutions with our own freshly roasted coffee beans, reliable machines and professional service.

On the basis of taste, we create a solution that matches the customer’s needs. This way we manage to bring the barista culture into your business thus creating in your employees a joy of coffee.

Coffee by Storm unites the best of two worlds: high quality and freshness from the specialty coffee business with uniformity in product, high capacity and attractive prices from a modern production with economy of scale.

Fritz Storm er founder af Coffee By Storm

Eversys e’4m presentation

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NEWS: The ultimate espresso machine

We are proud to present the Swiss EVERSYS. This is without a doubt the world’s most ultimate espresso machine. Today you’ll find it with a long list of international customers because Eversys is known for their innovation, vision and absolute quality demands. Eversys is built without compromise to brew the best possible espresso coffee from whole beans and fresh milk. This coffee comes without limitations in form of physical space, productivity demands, unity and… people. Read more about this machine right here.

Where does the coffee comes from?

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Barista Camp in Shanghai
Frist Storm is in these days in Shanghai, China, to educate and train some of the best baristas in the

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Coffee breaks are now so much more than coffee breaks
Coffee has become the new, tasty break we long for when we’re at work. The coffee connects both new and

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Top-level coffee brewing
As a former world champion barista, Fritz Storm can no longer participate in the World Barista Championships himself. Those are

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