Ditch the bad vending machine coffee

World champion barista, Fritz Storm wants to create a new way of coffee and aims to make barista coffee a part of the corporate world. Coffee by Storm wants to break with bad vending machine coffee.

The Danes are used to drinking high quality coffee in cafés and restaurants. Unfortunately, this is not the case when they go to work everyday. For decades, the Danes have put up with bad, black coffee from coffee machines that have well and truly served their time. Fritz Storm wants to put an end to this.
Storm was elected world champion barista at the 2000 World Barista Championships. He is the founder of Coffee by Storm and his mission is to change how corporations view their coffee.
Coffee by Storm aspires to create a greater job satisfaction. We believe that employees deserve to have a nice coffee experience at work. Everyone deserves quality coffee prepared using carefully selected beans and some of the world’s best espresso machines.
Coffee by Storm was founded three years ago and has in this short time gone from selling five tons to 35 tons of coffee to some of the country’s biggest corporations and organisations.

Why Coffee by Storm?
Fritz Storm has passionately put his knowledge and experience into developing a versatile assortment of tasty coffee using 100% Arabica beans.
Our customers receive the coffee fresh from the roastery cutting out any price-raising intermediaries. Our company solely use high quality coffee machines which all meet our high quality standards and operational reliability.
We deliver both professional espresso machines using fresh milk as well as coffee vending machines with a selection of hot drinks.
We are a dealer of the Swiss brand Eversys, which, by many, is considered the ultimate choice of fully automatic espresso machines. The Swiss manufacturer has since 2009 had a goal of producing an uncompromising machine capable of producing coffee of the same high standard as the very best baristas.

Article from “Scandinavian Food & Drink”, published april 2016

Ud med den dårlige automatkaffe