There is an increasingly high trend and demand for better coffee for in the corporate world. This is partly due to the significantly growing barista culture and the supply of modern coffee bars emphasizing taste over convenience. This culture and the quality that this ultimately brings with it, is what we can bring into your business in the form of coffee solutions and machines, all satisfying the coffee needs of both employees and clients.

We have a wide range of customers with different wants and needs. Below is shown three examples of solutions we have conducted. For more information, please contact CEO Carsten Ohm Frederiksen on +45 4243 0020.


A wish for a better coffee with taste and aroma.

An organization with 600 employees who wants to give both their employees and their guests a better coffee experience. A few years ago they invested in eight large espresso machines all placed in the lounge and canteen areas. However, they still were not satisfied with the quality of the coffee. They entered into an agreement with Coffee by Storm to take over the service obligations of their espresso machines and they chose Quetzal espresso machines, which are delivered freshly roasted directly from the roastery. Before being operational all the machines were thoroughly cleaned and the settings were optimized to allow for a new and better coffee. In the kitchen they had been using coffee that was already grinded to brew a filter-coffee using their brewing facilities. In order to heighten the quality, we installed a industrial grinder for them to only use freshly grinded coffee beans, regardless of whether they were brewing an espresso or a filtered coffee.

A total coffee solution including machines, coffee and service.

An accountancy firm wanting to replace their old, worn-out coffee solution with a new one expecting high quality espresso-based coffee. In their canteen and lobby, Coffee by Storm installed two large espresso machines from Nuova Simonelli both using fresh milk. On each of the floors Veromatic Perto Espresso using milk powder is installed. After taste-testing different coffee blends they choose the organic Tucan coffee. This coffee is delivered freshly roasted directly from the roaster. In the kitchen they decide to install a coffee grinder to brew meeting-coffees using their brewing facility. There is a large focus on hygiene and therefor they choose the extended service agreement, which includes a monthly hygiene inspection by our experienced service staff.

Total responsibility with a facility agreement.

A large engineering company with 2,000 employees divided between two factories wanting to enter an agreement with a supplier who is able to take full responsibility for their coffee solution. Prior to us taking over their coffee solution, this company had been getting their coffee from one supplier, their technical service from another and their daily refill and cleaning from a third place. The result was bad coffee, bad hygiene, a lot of added expense and unhappy employees. They then entered an agreement with Coffee by Storm for us to take over the entire responsibility for their coffee solution. This includes delivering coffee and ingredients, technical service of 80 coffee machines, water coolers and dispensers as well as the daily cleaning and restocking. After a very short amount of time, what had previously been a source of irritation became a success with great coffee and happy employees. 

  • Organization with 600 employees
  • Wanting a better taste experience for both employees and guests
  • Coffee by Storm take over the service of their 8 espresso machines
  • The kitchen has installed a coffee grinder to use with the brewing facility
  • Coffee by Storm deliver freshly roasted whole coffee beans for both espresso machines and the brewing facility
  • Coffee choice: Quetzal Espresso and Crane Filter brew
  • Service agreement 24
  • Accountancy firm with 200 employees
  • Wanting to replace 6 worn-out hot drinks dispensers with a brand new coffee solution
  • Coffee by Storm set up 2 Talento Special with fresh milk and 4 Perto Espresso with milk powder
  • The kitchen has installed a coffee grinder to grind beans to use for filter brewing
  • Coffee by Storm deliver coffee, ingredients and a service agreement with a monthly additional clean
  • Coffee choice: Organic Tucan espresso and Crane Filter brew
  • Service agreement 24 Extra
  • Engineering company with 2,000 employees
  • Wanting the operation of their coffee solution with one facility partner as well as a much better taste experience
  • Coffee by Storm deliver coffee and ingredients and also provides technical service of 80 coffee machines, 55 water coolers as well as several dispensers
  • Coffee by Storm carry out an additional 200 hours operating service each month
  • Coffee choice: Quetzal Espresso and grinded Pelican Instant coffee
  • Customer adapted facility agreement