International coffee advisor and World Barista Champion

Fritz Storm is an internationally recognized coffee expert and former barista world champion. With years of experience from the specialty coffee business, he has created unique experiences for coffee enthusiasts across the globe.

Fritz Storm has worked with coffee since 1995 and for many years he managed Café Europa. In 2002 he became the World Barista Champion (WBC) and since then he has worked as an independent coffee expert, consultant, barista trainer and mentor. Fritz Storm has worked on developing coffee for global coffee roasters, restaurant and café chains. He has also been involved in the development of equipment for international machine manufacturers. Additionally, Fritz Storm has devised educational programs for international hotels.

For the past 13 years, Fritz Storm has trained and educated a large number of finalists and world champions to compete in the WBC competition. He has been a member of the WBC committee and a chairman for Judges Certification Committee as well as a teacher at the Universitá del Caffé in Trieste in Italy. He is also the co-founder of The Barista Camp; a global training workshop for the world’s leading baristas, roasters and coffee cultivators.

Breaking with bad company coffee

In cafés and coffee shops very high quality coffee is being served. For many years, Fritz Storm wondered why the same thing did not apply when people went to work. Questionable coffee is being served countrywide using old machines with bad hygiene. This is a stark contrast to the coffee one can purchase in cafés and restaurants as well as the coffee that people purchase privately.

Fritz Storm decided to do something about this. Together with experienced people in the business, this became the beginning of Coffee by Storm. Aiming to create a good work environment as well as evoke a new joy of coffee for the employees, Coffee by Storm’s purpose is to bring the barista culture to different businesses.

Your guarantee for quality

With Coffee by Storm, Fritz Storm strives to raise the coffee standard in the country’s work places. In cooperation with his clients, he develops individual coffee solutions full of aroma and taste.

This way Coffee by Storm unites the best of two worlds: high quality and freshness from the specialty coffee business with the uniformity, high capacity and attractive prices of modern production with economy of scale.

At the initial meeting, you will meet Fritz Storm. He will be a big part of the process of designing your individual coffee solution as well as being there when the machines are being introduced. Furthermore, he will be there for ongoing follow-ups after our service has commenced.

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