“Service Agreement 24” with Total Guarantee

We offer first class service of your coffee equipment to minimize any stoppage and to bring out the very best brew. A “Service Agreement 24” guarantees that your equipment is maintained by experienced and professional technicians. We work with preventative maintenance to minimize stoppage but if this does occur, we will be there within 24 hours. Quickly and efficiently. With a service agreement we also offer a Total Guarantee when you purchase new equipment. This will keep any unforeseen expenses at bay.

“Service Agreement 24 Extra”

Coffee equipment requires ongoing cleaning and maintenance. If you require assistance cleaning the equipment thoroughly, we offer a “Service Agreement 24 Extra” where our professional staff, in addition to the regular technical service, carry out a monthly clean of the equipment in accordance with the HACCP guidelines.

“Facility Service Agreement”

Some businesses might require us to take full responsibility for running their coffee solution. We offer a facility service agreement which will be fitted to your individual needs. In addition to the technical service, we can be responsible for the daily maintenance of the equipment as well as refilling the ingredients for your machines. The alternative is to do this yourselves or to let your canteen carry out this service. We have professional people to carry out these tasks and our prices are competitive.

You can find an example of a facility agreement right here

Need a technician?

Our technical unit can be reached on +45 42 43 08 20
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Please contact CEO Carsten Ohm Frederiksen for further information about our service solutions on +45 42 43 00 20.