We’re making the cafés part of the office

Burned beans from a coffee pot are a thing of the past. Anywhere else – at home, at the café, even at the petrol station – the coffee is far better than what we are served at work. Luckily, the café is becoming part of the office now.
Way back when, and not so long ago actually, the norm was to brew filter-coffee on traditional pitcher machines. At home, we would brew coffee in the morning, pour it into our thermos bottle, and drag this around with us all day.
At the office, we would often find that the coffee would sit on a hot-plate for hours and wouldn’t taste much better than burnt out rubber. Over time, vending machine coffees became a thing and along with it came a bunch of upsides. The coffee was always freshly brewed, and new options such as tea and cocoa were introduced.
Back then the primary focus was on convenience. The most important thing was that it was easy to brew a cup of coffee, and therefore, the quality left a lot to be desired. Not only did the bad ingredients shine through; these would be a cheap coffee mix, freeze-dried coffee or coffee syrup. The quality of the coffee machines was so up and down which only added to the poor quality of the coffee being brewed.

Increased quality awareness
This is all a thing of the past. We are now used to espresso-based coffees with milk at home and in the public space; in cafés and restaurants, high-end bakeries and gas stations along with train stations, airports etc. There has been a general increase in quality awareness, and more than ever, people are prepared to pay a higher price for their “coffee to-go”.
This trend rubs off on work places. More and more companies are investing in exclusive coffee solutions that will match the coffees being served at exclusive cafés. Of course, some companies still purely see coffee as an expense. Nevertheless, more and more places are willing to offer their employees the special perk of barista coffee.
One of the companies that have embraced this trend is Coffee by Storm. Fritz Storm founded this company in 2013. Today, Coffee by Storm is delivering coffee along with a high-quality barista culture to a long line of the country’s leading corporations and organisations.
Fritz Storm shares how “we experienced a funny episode with one of our customers. The CEO of this particular company told u show their measure of success for how this new coffee solution from Coffee by Storm would be to stop his employees going to the nearby cafés to purchase expensive coffees. He’d had enough of it!”
After installing a high-end coffee solution in the business with Fritz Storm’s own freshly brewed coffee, the employees stopped visiting the cafés. The café had moved into their office.

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This article is published in “Scandinavian food & drink”, June 2016.