Being a professional business partner with both experience and expertise in the world of coffee solutions for businesses, we will elevate your business’ coffee solution to the next level.

Coffee by Storm has an increasing number of clients who all wish to add a spark of barista culture to their businesses. To ensure that we continue to deliver what we promise, the principles we follow are simple: exceptional and reliable coffee solutions packed with taste and aroma.

Five reasons to choose us:


1. Good ingredients
All of our coffee-blends are made from Fritz Storm’s very own recipes. Our coffee beans being carefully selected and uniform in size warrant a high-quality foundation of ingredients.

2. Freshly roasted coffee beans
The time that passes between the coffee being roasted and enjoyed is pivotal to the taste of the coffee. The aromas and nuances in taste are released as the coffee is being roasted and these will only weaken as time passes. This is why freshly roasted coffee tastes better and therefore we deliver our coffee fresh from the roaster.

3. Professional equipment
We have an assortment of machines that all have a great brewing capability and are designed to be used daily. We prioritize equipment, which being used frequently will still deliver a consistently high quality of coffee. We also aim to ensure that our machines require as little service and maintenance as possible.

4. Expertise
The knowledge and experience our staff possesses are key components of our business. Our technicians are skilled craftsmen with a high level of technical knowledge of both the machines and the coffee. These competences are essential to the machines being set up and maintained properly.

5. Service
We offer several types of service agreements that all include preventative maintenance and minimizing stoppage. If something unexpected does occur, our response time will always be swift. We strive to keep our clients happy and a high level of service produces exactly that.

You can read about our clients right here.

We can make a positive difference for your business too.

Call Fritz Storm on +45 28 12 58 31
or CEO Carsten Ohm Frederiksen on +45 42 43 00 20.

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